A valid will is an essential element to any estate plan. Having your wishes documented in your life time will guarantee friction-less distribution of your estate and protection of your beneficiaries’ interests. Through our services, we ensure that your intentions as the Testator are accurately captured in a Will document that is legally sound. We also facilitate safe custody of your Will document and other estate planning documents for posterity and smooth execution.
We facilitate easy, accessible update of your existing will and ensure all changes are validly documented.
Islamic Estate planning
Get shariah compliant estate planning with the help of our Shariah law experts. Services include: preparation of Wasiyah (Islamic Will), structuring of Waqf (Islamic Trust), Hibah (Islamic gifts), undertaking Nazri (vow or commitment to carry out an act) settlement of debt and distribution of assets.
Estate Planning
With our team of dedicated professionals in finance, law, insurance, tax, and estate planning fields, we help you understand the constituents of your estate and translate them into a robust estate plan. We are cognizant of the unique circumstances of our clients and translate them into bespoke estate planning packages. Solutions include trusts for beneficiaries and independent corporate executor services.
Legacy Valuation & Advisory
Our estate planning services utilize recommended legacy valuation best practices. We apply a 360-degree approach in delivering our advisory services to ensure maximum value to our clients. We also give advice on matters including succession planning, taxes, trusts, and other legacy protection vehicles.