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Greenthos Capital Limited is a private wealth management firm that focuses on the transfer, preservation and management of assets across generations.  Our singular focus is on protecting the long-term interests of our clients. We are trustees of not just the present but also of the future, working with our clients to achieve their vision for their legacy. We are a fiduciary, offering our clients the administrative infrastructure to transfer, preserve and manage wealth.

Helping You Create An Enduring Legacy

Our services have clear objectives: the transfer, preservation and management of assets across generations. We manage our clients’ long term interests, helping them build generational wealth and leave lasting legacies. By taking a comprehensive, customised and global approach, we create enduring value for our clients in the areas of estate/trust administration, management of asset interests and related advisory services.


Safeguard assets for your beneficiaries as an individual, family, institution or corporate.


Achieve your investment goals and secure a legacy for now and future generations.


Get financial and non-financial advice to build and preserve wealth across generations.


Structure and implement your philanthropic or impact intentions.

Secure Your

Ensure lasting prosperity with our tailored solutions. Protect your Legacy. Preserve and grow your wealth for generations to come with our trusted expertise. Make contact with us today.

Exclusive Strategies Tailored Just For You

Beneficiary Trust

Legacy Protection Plan

Bespoke Wealth

“The hallmark of our service offering is professional and personalized private wealth solutions. We bridge the gap between our clients’ present reality and their envisaged legacy, helping them achieve unprecedented success for now and generations to come. I invite you to be a part of Greenthos Capital to experience a new way of managing wealth.”

– Gloria Kambedha (Founder & CEO)

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