Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of winding down an estate either by carrying out the wishes laid out in a Will or by following the succession law for a deceased person who dies intestate. When you prepare your Will, you have to choose an executor who will be legally responsible for administering your estate and ensuring that your estate is distributed effectively to the intended beneficiaries.

Duties of an Executor

Estate administration can be complicated, time-consuming and difficult. It involves:

• Locating your last Will
• Filing for probate with the High Court
• Dealing with claims against the estate
• Distribution of assets as instructed by the terms of the Will
• Holding assets in trust for a time (for example if any beneficiary is under age)
• Selling assets.

Who Can Be Your Executor?

Choosing the right executor is important. You can appoint one or more person(s) to act as your executor. It is important that your executor be a trusted party. Some common options that people choose include:

• Family members
• Lawyers/accountants
• Spouse/partner
• Trusted friend

You also have the option of appointing a corporate trustee such as Greenthos Capital.

Why work with Greenthos Capital to execute your Will

Choosing a professional and independent trustee like Greenthos Capital offers many distinct advantages for the administration of your estate. You will have peace of mind knowing:

• Your executor and trustee has estate administration experience serving many clients and can assist your beneficiaries to understand all the aspects of the estate administration in an empathetic and understanding way;
• All estate matters are confidential and only those people with a right to know about your affairs receive information, ensuring the confidentiality of your assets and beneficiaries;
• Beneficiaries are consulted and communicated with at each stage to keep them up to date with all progress;
• Greenthos Capital has no vested interest in the estate and will act impartially between interested parties, thus avoiding conflicts which may arise in such situations between grieving family members;
• We will be there when the time comes to administer your estate, a situation which may not be true of a family lawyer, a family member or friend.
• Your estate will be handled by a team of experts in estate administration – often a complicated and demanding process, requiring a detailed understanding of the law and finance.

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