Private Trust Services

We safeguard our private clients’ interests according to their unique needs by acting as a fiduciary or representative. Our clients benefit from our independence to help them achieve wealth structuring or estate planning goals. We set up and manage trust structures for private clients including: individuals, savings groups, and families, ensuring that they have access to a trusted fiduciary to oversee their affairs and help them achieve specific goals.

Achieve Your Legacy Goals With Greenthos Capital as A Trusted Partner

What does legacy mean to you? For some, it means securing their children’s education and leaving an inheritance for their loved ones through a Will. For others, it is structuring wealth in a trust so it is preserved across generations, and for others, it is contributing to causes that they deem worthy. As Trustees, Greenthos Capital offers a solid platform for you to achieve your legacy goals, whatever they may be.

Estate Planning

Greenthos Capital fulfills estate planning needs of individuals, families, corporates and institutions across generations. An Estate is the accumulated wealth or assets owned by a person(s) while Estate Planning are actions and processes required in arranging a person’s wealth and assets, including the management and their disposals, during a lifetime, or upon death or other incapacities. With estate planning, you are able to pass what you have on to whom you want, when you want, and in the manner you want. This will prevent unnecessary costs (litigation, probate, etc.) or chaos in your estate. Whether you choose to have a Will-based estate plan or a trust based estate plan, we shall be able to guide you through the process. With an estate plan, you are able to:

• Have a say in what happens to you, your assets and loved ones when you can no longer actively dictate the same
• Ensure the continuity and protection of your business and business interests
• Deliberately ascertain all your assets and entitlements (including work benefits/gratuity) and who would benefit from the same in your death or absence
• Structure your assets to minimize avoidable crises among loved ones in your absence
• To make special provisions for minors and dependents with special needs
• To ensure that your estate is not exposed to extended family’s manipulations
• To enjoy continuity of lifestyle for your family members and loved ones
• To facilitate continuity of charity deeds that are important to you
• To cater for estate administration and funeral arrangements
• To preserve your legacy

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