Trust Services

A Trustee is a person (can be an individual or a corporate) who legally owns and administers assets on behalf of beneficiaries. Our trustee services safeguard the interests of our clients who include private individuals and institutions.

Our Role As Trustees

Our clients value separation between the legal and beneficial ownership of assets. They trust us to secure assets for beneficiaries. Greenthos Capital:

• Ensures that assets are safeguarded for intended beneficiaries.
• Ensures that trust funds are invested and disbursed against governance documents.
• Ensures compliance with relevant regulatory obligations.
• Shares insights into governance, compliance, risk, investment and operational best practice
• Ensures high quality financial reporting.
• Delivers high level of service

What You Get With Greenthos Capital As Your Trustee

• Enhanced trust performance and/or income generation
• An independent, objective and impartial experience
• Governance and administrative practices to meet beneficiary needs
• Accounting, tax reporting and record keeping of all assets and transactions
• Pooled investment structures for consolidated investing and greater economies of scale among clients

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