Philanthropy & Impact

Philanthropy: The desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.

At Greenthos Capital, we believe that legacy goes beyond financial wealth to include the impact you will leave behind. Our philanthropic initiatives are aimed at ensuring that impact is not short-lived but done in a sustainable manner for the next generation.

We work with our clients to create the legal and administrative structures needed to optimize and secure their giving. We do this through effective governance of trusts, investment strategy, and transparent transfers of grants to charitable causes.

Our Clients

• Individuals and families
• Foundations
• Benevolent funds
• Endowments
• Charitable trusts
• Donor advised funds
• Institutions

Our customised solutions allow clients to start their philanthropic initiatives, build capital with the aim of growing their charitable funds over time while making regular distribution towards organizations, causes and communities that they care about. Whether you are an organization looking to start an endowment fund, or an individual looking to start your own charitable fund, we work with you to structure and honor your intentions. 

What We Do

We set up your charitable vehicle by considering:
• Your philanthropic objectives
• The amount you have available to give
• Causes you can support that best match your intentions/values
• The length of time for which you want to provide support
• The level of involvement you would like to have
• The impact you would like to have

We safeguard your intentions by:
Understanding and acting on your founding vision
Distributing funds in a manner that is consistent with governing documents
Regular reporting on the activities of your fund

We ensure sustainability of your giving by:
Investing in accordance with your overall philanthropic strategy, the size of your initial funding, and how much funding must be generated to achieve your goals.
Investing within an investment strategy that is designed for the needs of charitable funds, which include maintaining capital for present and future generations.


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