A Will is a document that gives instructions for the distribution of your assets after you die. Your Will identifies who will benefit from your estate (the beneficiaries) and can detail which particular assets you want them to receive. It also allows you to designate guardianship for dependants or make specific personal requests such as funeral arrangements.

Why Have a Will

• Specify who you want to benefit from your estate (your beneficiaries)
• Who will be responsible for the administration of your estate (your executor and trustee)
• Provide for your family and any other beneficiaries you choose;
• Put in place arrangements for the sale and distribution of your assets;
• Arrange for assets to be held in trust to meet the ongoing needs of those you wish to benefit;
• Appoint a guardian for your children.

Creating a Will

To get started with writing your Will, you will need:
• A copy of ID (National ID or passport)
• A copy of your current Will (if any exists)
• Who you want to be your executors (Full names & addresses)
• Guardians for any children/minors (Full names & addresses)
• Full names and contact details of Beneficiaries
• Any gifts you want to leave to family, friends, and charity
• Details of the assets you own, including certificates of title of property, life insurance policies, investment portfolios, and overseas assets.
• Details of Any Testamentary Trusts you want to create

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