Who We Are

Greenthos Capital Limited is a private wealth management firm that focuses on the transfer, preservation and management of assets across generations.  Our singular focus is on protecting the long-term interests of our clients. We are trustees of not just the present but also of the future, working with our clients to achieve their vision for their legacy. We are a fiduciary, offering our clients the administrative infrastructure to transfer, preserve and manage wealth.

The word Greenthos comes from two words Green and ethos, which speaks into our mission of creating enduring (evergreen) wealth for our clients. Our highly personalized services include:

• Trust services
• Investment management
• Wealth advisory
• Philanthropy & Impact

Our Guiding Philosophy

Greenthos Capital Limited is an advice-centric firm that provides a holistic suite of services that go beyond what is typically offered by traditional investment management.

We believe that legacy is not limited to financial assets but also includes creating positive societal outcomes. Because of this, our solutions address the challenges associated with creating and preserving wealth as well as the building of sustainable communities through responsible wealth management.

Our Values

Our values define how we deliver our mandate.


We are transparent and serve our clients without any conflict of interest, ensuring that whatever we do is in their best interest.


We work as a team to deliver value to our clients, drawing on strategic partnerships to meet our clients’ needs.


As a firm responsible for inter-generational capital, we focus on our sustainability as a firm and that of the community in which we operate.

Who We Serve


Personalised investment and family wealth solutions


Customised solutions for every stage of your business.


Specialised strategies to steward institutional value.

Why Work With Us

  1. Greenthos Capital focuses on building lasting legacies for our clients through our service offering. We are committed to providing a holistic approach to dealing with the financial, administrative, compliance, investing and reporting needs of our clients.
  2. Our team serves as a trusted partner to our clients. We have extensive experience in managing estate planning & wealth management for individuals, families and institutions.
  3. Our flagship solutions; the Greenthos Bespoke Wealth, The Greenthos Beneficiary Trust and The Greenthos Legacy Plan have been built with the estate planning/wealth structuring needs of our clients in mind.