Greenthos Beneficiary Trust

The Greenthos Beneficiary Trust is an umbrella trust arrangement designed to safeguard assets on behalf of beneficiaries.


The Greenthos Beneficiary Trust serves as a cost-effective and professionally administered trust. It aims to set up trusts and protect assets for beneficiaries. It receives assets in various contexts, including but not limited to:

• Deceased estates
• Living trusts
• Charitable/benevolent trusts
• Children trusts
• Testamentary bequests
• Life insurance payments
• Retirement fund death benefits
• Private investment trusts
• Divorce settlements

*Terms & conditions apply

Advantages of the Greenthos Beneficiary Trust

• No need to register and incorporate an independent trust therefore saving costs
• Customized trust to meet your wealth management and succession planning goals
• No requirement to appoint individual trustees.
• Transparent cost structure.
• The trust is professionally managed (investments, governance & administration)

Other Details

• Trust is incorporated under the Trustees Incorporation Act under the laws of Uganda.
• The Trust has an Independent custodian.

Who is the Greenthos Beneficiary Trust most suitable for?

• You want to secure certain assets for your beneficiaries, who may be minors or incapacitated adults.
• You want to manage your assets with succession planning in mind.
• You want to invest as a group or as a family subject to terms in a trust deed.
• You want to pursue business or other ventures in a sustainable way
• You want to avoid probate (court) when passing on assets to your beneficiaries.
• You want to give your children/family some sort of financial head start in life but with control over how assets are managed or utilized.

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