Institutional Trust Services

Trustee to Beneficiary Schemes

As trustees, Greenthos Capital offers a greater level of trust for trust instruments including but not limited to managed funds, saving schemes, welfare schemes, benevolent schemes, employee benefit schemes (e.g employee stock ownership plans) and unregulated trust structures. We help achieve investor/beneficiary protection. Other duties include:

• Compliance with trust deeds
• Scheme governance and management
• Scheme review and assessment
• Scheme design and implementation
• Investment policy statement and investment due diligence
• Participant enrollment, education and advisory services.

Trustee to Non-Profits

At Greenthos Capital, we are committed to philanthropy.  We work with individuals and corporates to help them realize their charitable goals. We also help non-profits establish their own legacy campaigns. As a trustee to non-profits, we fulfill the below responsibilities:

• Professional management and investment advisory services
• Record-keeping and administrative services that allow charities to concentrate their efforts on fund-raising and fulfilling their charitable missions
• Distribution of income from charitable trusts for grants
• Preservation of capital for perpetual charitable funds

Trustee in Business Transactions

We offer trust services for transactions including: project financing, court case settlements, debt transactions, private equity and others. For clients seeking a partner to act as escrow, facility or paying agent, or nominee, Greenthos Capital provides the reassurance of process efficiency and transparency.

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