Greenthos Bespoke Wealth

Personalised wealth management solutions for High Net Worth Individuals

We understand your sophisticated perspective towards wealth and offer bespoke services to help build and preserve your legacy.

Estate and Succession Planning

We offer a wide range of advisory, technical and operational capabilities that help families navigate the challenges and responsibilities that come with wealth.  As a family or individual with significant wealth, Greenthos Capital works with you to structure your wealth so that it is preserved across generations. We support you in drafting Wills, setting up appropriate trust structures or creating a family constitution that embodies your family values for generations to come.  We also assist you in shaping the future for your next generation.  

Portfolio Management

Greenthos Capital provides both discretionary and non-discretionary portfolio management. We act as an outsourced independent investment office, providing:

• Personalized investment strategy backed by asset allocation, fund manager selection, risk and investment policy guidelines, benchmark setting and portfolio monitoring and balancing.
• Execution of investment decisions, allowing you to dedicate your attention to your core interests and business.
• Insightful portfolio reporting to help you continually refine your investment strategy.
• Integrated financial & tax reporting.

Philathropy and Impact

We work with you to create the legal and administrative structures needed to optimize and secure your giving. We do this through effective governance of charitable trusts, investment strategy, and transparent transfers of grants to charitable causes. Our solutions can help your philanthropic decisions be more impact oriented and aligned with deeper personal or family values.

Offshore Trust

An international strategy provides current and future generations diversification in terms of global mobility, asset location and lifestyle preferences. Our solutions leverage our international networks and strategic alliances to help you achieve your wealth management goals. They include:

• Foreign Banking Accounts 
• International real estate investment opportunities
• Foreign residency & citizenship: Get foreign residency to achieve your wealth creation and preservation goals. 
• International Wealth structuring solutions: International Investment platforms can help you achieve your asset protection goals. Solutions include Trusts, Foundations, Companies (Holding Company Structures, Intellectual property & brand protection) and other Special Purpose Vehicles.

Alternative Investments

Invest beyond traditional investments. With our network of experts, we advise you on investing in alternative assets such as Private markets, Real Estate, Art, entertainment, commodities, etc.

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