Greenthos Foundation

A philanthropic initiative to create wealth for now and next generations through building sustainable communities

The Greenthos Foundation is an independent charity with a mission to create resilient communities and leave lasting legacies for our clients. The Foundation supports anyone who wishes to develop a philanthropic project in line with their values, ambitions or desires. Donors have the flexibility of giving to the Endowment Fund or creating their own sub-fund. Sub-funds operate in an independent manner but benefit from the economies of scale offered by the Greenthos Foundation structure. All administrative, compliance, accounting and legal services are provided within the Foundation’s structure so that donors can focus on their giving.

The Greenthos Foundation’s Endowment Fund

Greenthos Foundation’s Endowment Fund creates long-term reliable funding streams to support charitable causes. Donations into the foundation’s Endowment Fund are invested with the aim of creating a sustainable endowment over multiple generations. Similarly, the Endowment Fund ’s granting principles are aimed at ensuring perpetual sustainability. So, grants are made from the interest income generated from donations into the Endowment Fund.

Create your own sub-fund

A legacy fund created within the Greenthos Foundation structure dedicated to your preferred cause that others can then contribute to.

Why work with Greenthos Capital to achieve your philanthropic goals?

• Cost: Our structure enables lower fees and stronger value – meaning more can reach the community for greater social impact. We offer a single point of resource for everything related to charitable giving. Services such as expert advice, grant management, evaluation, administration, and prudent investment of funds in perpetuity are all secured within our structure.

• Tailored: You can adapt your fund to suit your desires. You can choose a perpetual fund, long term fund with regular donations or make a bequest.

• Easy: Greenthos Capital handles all the administration, compliance, investing and reporting so you can concentrate on the giving.

• Impactful: Greenthos Capital can work with you to help make the most of your fund’s positive impact. We offer research and advice on your areas of interest, not-for-profit organizations or specific projects you would like to support.

Measuring Impact

Greenthos Foundation’s giving practices are impact focused. We seek to support social innovation, build effective organisations and contribute to change at the system or ‘root cause’ level. Our structure enables the creation of sub Funds in your specific area of interest, that others can then contribute to and magnify impact. Because our structure enables lower fees and stronger value, more can reach the community for greater social impact. We believe in impact driven philanthropy and evaluate the success of our initiatives by tracking outcomes.

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