Investment Management

Greenthos Capital is responsible for the investment needs of individuals, families, and a wide range of trusts and estates. We supervise our clients’ assets and wealth and are principally appointed to administer inter-generational wealth. We take a cautious and long-term approach, ensuring that the strategies implemented preserve capital and meet liquidity needs for intended beneficiaries.

Our Process

1. Clarify your investment goals: We clearly define primary goals e.g wealth preservation, growth, income generation or a combination of these.
2. Assess current situation: We assess unique circumstances including:
• Time frame for achieving goals which may vary depending on your needs.
• Need for cash to meet expected or unexpected expenses
3. Set Performance benchmarks: We assess your goals and current situation (in 1 and 2 above) to set the annual rate of return required to help you achieve your goals.
4. Asset allocation: We invest as suitable with a target asset class allocation across asset classes such as fixed income, stocks and alternative asset classes.
5. Reporting: We report on a regular basis on the performance of your investment portfolio.

Why Work With Us

• We operate an open architecture platform, that is, we can work with any financial institution to ensure the best investment outcomes for our clients.
• Investment decisions are integrated with overall generational wealth plan.
• Team with relevant professional experience.
• Independent Investment committee.
• Governance and administrative platform to meet beneficiary needs.
• Accounting, tax reporting and record keeping of all assets and transactions.

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