Living Trust Services
Our living trust services are personalised according to your unique circumstances and help you to preserve your wealth for future generations. A trust is a fiduciary relationship in which one party, known as a trustor, gives another party, the trustee, the right to hold title to property or assets for the benefit of a third party, the beneficiary. The right trust, managed by the right professionals ensures that your wealth is properly secured for the future. We work with clients to draft documentation that establishes and administers their Trust. Establishing a suitable trust requires careful consideration, consultation and planning.

Education Trust Services
Our Education Trust services are geared towards clients who want to set aside funds for their children’s education. The Children Education Trust enables you to set up a Trust specifically for the education of your children/wards. Advantages of having an education trust include:
  • The trust will enable management of the trustor’s assets while s/he is still alive and upon demise.
  • Assets in the trust will be legally separated from the assets of the client and so cannot be pursued by creditors and other interested partiesThe trust will facilitate distribution of assets to heirs or beneficiaries in the event of death of the trustor.
  • The Trust can facilitate direct payment of school fees for children.
  • The Trust can be set up even for unborn children.

Charity Trust Services
We work with individuals and families to help them realize their personal charity goals. Selecting the right charitable vehicle can be challenging. We work with you to implement best practices and prepare relevant documentation for your philanthropic initiatives. Our service offering includes:
  • Charity/foundation set-up
  • Endowment fund set-up
  • Crowdfunding Trust set-up
  • Community Trust set-up
  • Scholarship/Grant administration.
We also serve non-profits by offering professional management and advisory services to their boards and staff. Our detailed record keeping and administration services include:
  • Preparation of board minutes and other reports.
  • Carrying out accounting, tax and reporting.
  • Coordinating, organising and hosting board meetings.
  • Review of financial accounts and transactions.
  • Maintenance of records.

Diaspora trust Product
Our diaspora trust services are set up in a way that responsibilities are transferred to a trustee who oversees management of assets according to the terms of the trust deed. Greenthos Capital Limited will work with you to set up the trust deed and will ensure that your interests are protected. Key aspects of this product include:
  • Activities undertaken under the Trust are subject to a legally binding document called a Trust deed. Clients will have access to professional management and guidance to achieve trust objectives.
  • The trust will enable management of the trustor’s assets while s/he is still alive and upon demise.
  • The trust will facilitate distribution of assets to heirs or beneficiaries in the event of death of the trustor..
  • There will be confidentiality for trust assets.

Offshore Trust Services
Preserving wealth in-country can be challenging. At Greenthos Capital, we recognise the increasing need for diversification through international opportunities to build and preserve your legacy.
We work with you to structure your growing wealth, and create appropriate vehicles and channels to leverage opportunities internationally for yourself and named beneficiaries. Our solutions include:
  • Foreign banking accounts
  • International real estate investment opportunities and structures
  • Corporate expansion solutions including holding company structures, intellectual property and brand protection.
  • Offshore solutions: Set up of trusts, foundations, and company structures (Special Purpose Vehicles). We provide international investment structuring while leveraging on best return, asset protection and estate planning.
  • Foreign residency and citizenship: We leverage our international networks and strategic alliances to help you achieve foreign residential options that are best suited for your wealth creation, expansion and preservation goals.